The room of sadness

Modern philosophical trends are rethinking the central role of man in the world. In particular, object-oriented ontology rejects the privilege of human existence over the existence of non-human objects. In the project «The room of sadness», I explore the vitality of artificial light. Artificial light is constantly present in human life, creating an opportunity for us to work longer and more productively, to study, relax, multitask, and be in touch 24 hours a day with anyone anywhere in the world. At the same time, our bodies are unable to adapt to the constantly increasing speed of the modern world.

Since morning a person dives into information flows on the screens of their smartphones, computers, TVs. This interaction is difficult to disengage from, even at night, as one lies in bed.

The blue LED light of modern gadgets suppresses melatonin production twice as strongly as the warm yellow light from incandescent bulbs. It also acts directly on human biological rhythms, a powerful force that affects the circadian rhythms of people and provokes the delay in falling asleep. As a result, people nowadays generally sleep less, or at least enjoy a diminished sleep quality. «The room of sadness» is a space; where the blue light acts as an active agent who will deprive you of peace, inviting fatigue and insomnia. It will convince you that night is an ongoing day.

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